How to clean a blender 

How to clean a blender 

If you love purees, or juices, smoothies, yand our blender perhaps sees a lot of use. But how much cleaning does it see? If your reply is “not sufficient,” you are not alone. Cleaning a blender is a slight more involved than rubbing a saucepan or tossing something in the dishwasher. A good, comprehensive cleaning is significant to maintaining the machine, and it stops bacteria development from food remainder that gets stuck in the corners and cracks at the bottommost of the blender jar.

To get your blender actually clean, you have to take apart the jar assembly plus clean the gasket, blade (if possible), and base. Fluids can get down into the cracks and dry, cementing the base to the jar, and perhaps promoting bacterial development. Read on to learn the finest way on How to clean a blender, including the base.

What are My Options for Cleaning a Blender?

What are My Options for Cleaning a Blender

In this guide, we will be discussing on How to clean a blender. Cleaning your blender needs hot water plus soap and either a clean cloth or else sponge for rubbing. This procedure is also used to clean an immersion blender. Depending on the recipe you have made with your blender, you may need a deeper clean. Our technique is for a deep clean which is perfect for a gunked-up blender. That said, our guide for how to clean a blender works just as well for a simple clean.

How to Deep Clean Your Blender

How to Deep Clean Your Blender

If you have used your blender to make dips like hummus or else batter for pancakes, you know the cleaning looks hard. Fear not since this option for cleaning a blender works for the most challenging works. It needs warm water, some drops of dish soap, as well as a little rubbing with a sponge or dish brush. We will also disassemble the blender to make each piece sparkling clean. Then, for the easiest clean, try to rinse your blender as soon as you can.

Take the Blender Apart

Pour out any foodstuff or liquid and prepare to take apart the blender. Detach the jar from the blender base. With the blender jar over the sink, take out the blades from the bottommost of the blender jar. It’s significant to know how to fix your blender correctly in case you encounter minor problems before or after cleaning.

Wash the Jar

For recipes similar to smoothies or liquid mixtures, washing in the sink would be enough to clear away any food remnants. If you have made anything denser like mashed potatoes or pancake batter, be ready to scrub a little. If you have a sink sprayer, set your faucet to hot and blast the rubbish away. Then, use soap as well as a clean sponge or cloth to wash the jar’s final cleaning and dry it before storing it.

Wash the Blender Blades

Wash the Blender Blades

Wash the bladers under the sink nozzle or blast it with the sink sprayer. Use soap and a sponge to clear any stuck food. Be cautious of the edges since they could be sharp. Set the blades on a towel or drying rack to ensure they get totally dry.

Clean the Motor Housing and Blender Base

Now that the blender jar as well as blades are clean, you could turn your attention to the motor housing plus base of the blender. Do not immerse this part in water since you might ruin the electrical constituents of the blender. In its place, use a damp cloth to wipe away any food elements or tacky residue.

How to clean ninja blender?

How to clean ninja blender

Appropriate cleaning of your ninja blender not merely aids to maintain its efficiency but it also helps to protect your family health. Ninja commends that ninja blenders must be washed afterward every use to keep them in great form. However, if you have just bought your first ninja blender, then you must be questioning how to go about with the cleaning procedure. Fortunately, today you have come to the accurate place.

Stage One: Wash it First

Fill the ninja blender middle with warm water, then add a few drips of dish detergent. Adjust the setting to low power then switch the blender on and let it mix for about a minute. Pour the mix then wash again with warm water. This procedure will help to remove remains stuck on the blender.

Stage Two: Use Lemon to Eliminate Hard Stains

Use Lemon to Eliminate Hard Stains

If the blender has harsh stains that could not be eliminated by dish soap alone, lemon could help get free of them. Fill the blender middle with warm water then add a few drops of dish detergent and boorishly chopped lemon. Blend the mix for about a minute. This will aid remove all the harsh stains stuck in the lid, therefore making the rest of the cleaning procedure easy.

Stage Three: Unplug and Take apart

Unplug and Take apart

Take apart the blender. Unplug the ninja blender from the power socket then take it in parts cautiously. Follow the guidelines given in the user manual while dissembling the blender to avoid damaging it or hurting yourself. Take off the lid, jar then leave the gasket sealed. Be cautious with the sharp ninja blades.

Stage Four: Clean the Ninja Blender Jar

Clean the jar with warm spay water as well as a sponge or dishrag. Wash it carefully, including along the edge to eliminate all the remains left behind. If the jar still has harsh stains, soak it in a mix of vinegar and baking soda for around 3 hours beforehand cleaning it. Do not forget to clean the external side of the jar and the base carefully with a dishrag plus soapy water. Once you are done cleaning, wash the jar with clean running water.

Stage Five: Clean Other Small Parts

Clean other small parts for example cutting edge, container base gasket latch as well as blades with warm soapy water plus dishrag. Be cautious while cleaning the sharp blades to avoid hurting your fingers. Unbolt the blades for a comprehensive cleaning. Wash all cleaned parts with clean running water.

Stage Six: Let the Blender to Air Dry

Afterward you are done cleaning the blender parts, permit them to air dry by placing them in a drying rack. Don’t assemble the blender till all parts have dried totally. A moist interior can reason condensation therefore providing a concussive atmosphere for bacteria development. To avoid this, let the cleaned blender parts to dry totally.

Stage Seven: Wipe Down the Base

Soak a cloth in soapy water then squeeze till it is damp. Mildly wipe the base of the blender with the towel to clean off the liquid spill, as well as food remains. Pay special care to corners since that is wherever most spilled liquid plus food tend to hide. Do not soak the base in water since you would damage the blender. The base is a very sensitive part that houses the control system and electronic motor that powers the blender. These parts could easily get scratched when visible to water. Don’t submerge the complete base in water, instead wipe it with a wet towel.

Stage Eight: Reassemble the Blender

Once all the parts have dried totally, reassemble your ninja blender by following the procedures provided in the user manual. While you are prepared to use the blender, plug it in the wall socket.

How to clean a blender bottle?

How to clean blender bottle

Those who work out regularly, use a blender bottle a lot. They like to make protein shakes and keep the bottle with themselves. The blender bottle is the faultless thing to drink shakes since there are no lumps left as well as the shake is frothy. However, how many people actually wash it, afterwards they have made their smoothie?

There are numerous methods to wash a blender bottle, irrespective of its brand.

Technique #1 To Clean Blender Bottle

Take baking soda plus vinegar as well as fill the blender bottle with it. Allow the mix to stay in the bottle overnight, and then open the cap. Take paper cloths and sprinkle vanilla extract over them. Crease the paper towels, and then place them inside the bottle. Let the papers sit for 24 hours. Place coffee grounds in the bottle, and ensure that they are damp.

Screw on the lid and then allow the bottle sit overnight, with the cap closed. Then, clean the bottle with running water, as well as keep the cap open so that it airs out. This technique will do wonders for the blender bottle.

Technique #2 To Clean Blender Bottle

While cleaning blender bottle, do not forget the lid. Pieces of dried smoothie or even the protein powder may get caught around the lid. Ensure to soften the gunk, beforehand cleaning it. For this, take hot water as well as put soap in it; next, put the lid in the mix. Let it soak for at least 10 minutes, so as to the residue softens, and the person is capable to rinse it off by running water on it.

Technique #3 To Clean Blender Bottle

A blender bottle can be really hard to clean, if it is not cleaned properly on a daily basis. Take warm water, and put vinegar in it; then, pour the mixture in the blender bottle. The reason why vinegar is a good solution is because; it acts as a disinfectant, and even eliminates the odors in a blender bottle.

Technique #4 To Clean Blender Bottle

An exclusive way of cleaning a blender bottle is by using herbal tea. Take a tea bag that has good and revitalizing smell, preferably one that has a fruity taste. When the blender bottle is washed with soap plus water, then fill it up with warm water and a tea bag. Leave the two elements overnight, and while the blender bottle is used the next day, it will have a revitalizing odor.

The finest way to ensure that a blender bottle stays fresh, is cleaning before plus after using it. Soap and water is the most popular method of cleaning a blender bottle, but individuals also use baking soda, plus vinegar. These solutions have cleaning properties, and they could even remove the stink of the bottle.

How to clean a blender with vinegar?

How to clean a blender with vinegar

If your blender is very dirty or blemished, clean it with a mixture of hot water, baking soda and a quarter of a cup of white vinegar. Add the mix to the blender and then add a few drops of dish soap. Place the jug onto the blender base as well as run your blender for a minute or two. Dump the mix out, and then rinse your jug carefully and wash it by hand.

For blenders that use a plastic jug, you might get a taste or smell from the plastic over time. An easy method to eliminate that is to cut up some lemon slices, place them into your blender with some warm water, and then mix for a couple of minutes. You might need to do this periodically to maintain a pleasant, fresh smell in your blender.

Sometimes blemishes are just too stubborn to be cleaned away by any of the above techniques. If you discover that your jug is still discolored despite your best efforts, you could soak your blender overnight using a mix of baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap. Just put one cup of white vinegar, a few drops of dish soap as well as half a cup of baking soda into your blender.

The mixture will bubble up, while the bubbling subsides, turn your blender on for a few seconds to mix everything together carefully and then let it sit in the jug for a few hours. Dump everything out afterwards a few hours have passed and then wash the jug with warm water. If the blender smells similar to the baking soda and vinegar mix, you can put water and a few drops of dish cleanser into the jug and switch your blender on for a few seconds.

In Summary

To clean a blender, follow the precise instructions from the blender maker. Typically, you can clean most blending bottles with warm water and dish soap and several blenders feature dishwasher-safe constituents.

Faq About How to clean a blender 

Faq About How to clean a blender 

How do you clean the parts in a blender?

Just put one cup of white vinegar, a few drops of dish soap in addition to half a cup of baking soda into your blender. The mix will bubble up, when the bubbling subsides, turn your blender on for a few seconds to mix everything together carefully and then let it sit in the jug for a few hours.

How do I clean a blender for the first time?

For the greatest results, fill your blender jar with equal parts water plus baking soda first. Switch on the blender for a couple of seconds, discard the solution, then add your warm water plus soap. The extra step might take more than 30 seconds, however if you have crusted pancake batter all over your blender, it is worth it.

Why is it important to clean the blender after using?

Even though these tricks are fast, be sure to deep clean your blender afterward every couple of uses to keep mold plus bacteria at bay. It’s easy: Just clean the jar, gasket seal as well as blade with soap and hot water, then let them air dry beforehand putting the parts back together.

What is proper storage of blender?

Store the blender in a dry place. Make sure there is no moisture left before you store it. Blenders should not be operated on by children to avoid injury.